Hightech from Bavaria
40 years digital, mobile, sustainable

The beginnings - 40 years ago

At the end of the 1970s, bus drivers still had to record their accounts by hand. These were data such as the cash received and the tickets issued during the trip. These so-called billing slips were then handed over to the transport company administration after each shift, typed in by the colleagues on a typewriter and archived. Unfortunately for the employees working there, the driver's handwriting was often very unreadable. Mr. Tomov (founder and owner of ATRON) noticed that the word "spots" kept appearing in the accounts. Unable to explain its meaning, he asked the manager of the transport company what the dubious word means. The answer was as amazing as it was simple. Whenever a word or a number could not be decoded in the administration, this was replaced by the word "spot". For Mr. Tomov, this was an unsustainable condition and the business idea arose.

That was the beginning of the switch from mechanics to electronics. The era of digitization began for ATRON in 1980 - with the aim of capturing the data where it is generated.

Our History

ATRON can already look back on a history more than forty years. Since its foundation, the company has developed into one of the leading system solution providers for local public transport in Europe. Over the years, ATRON electronic GmbH has developed into a group that operates across Europe - the ATRON Group.

In the following overview you will find the history of ATRON from its origins in 1980 until today

1980 - 1990

Starting 1980:

ATRON markets the first series device: DED 200 (DED: data, capture & print)
Purpose: ticket printing and revenue security.

Start of a first sales partnership in which ATRON was solely responsible for device development.

Introduction of EDR 1003 with electronic printing and registration device (replacement of the mechanical crank printer).

Expansion and relocation to the north of Munich (Markt Schwaben). The employees at that time actively helped with the construction.

1990 - 2000

The first ticket printer was programmed in C (AFR 110) and the first stop announcement was played via mp3 file. ATRON also develops the background software AVM (ATRON traffic management system)

Introduction of the vehicle computer AFR 200. ATRON won an order for 1,800 vehicle computers.

The known ATRIES background system was introduced and put into operation for the first time.

ATRON is certified according to IS0 9001 and for the first time offers electronic ticketing solutions with contact-based chip cards.

Expansion of own sales, service and project management after disbanding of the sales partnership. In the same year, ATRON introduced cashless payment with the cash card on the on board computer.

Revolution - introduction of the new FR Compact (large graphic display, better printer and soft keys for operation).

Expansion through the construction of another building on the company premises in Markt Schwaben for software development.

New opening of a sales office in Dortmund and 20-year company anniversary. In addition, ATRON became a member of the VDV Förderkreis e.V. after the turn of the millennium.


2000 - 2010

Introduction of the portable control device MR120.

ATRON founds ATRON systems AG in Bronschhofen (Switzerland) and introduces the FR Touch with a coloured display.

ATRON establishes a branch in Zagreb (Croatia), a sales office in Berlin and implements the VDV core application for the first time.

Foundation of ATRON Systems Sweden AB in Linköping (Sweden) and development of a prototype for Check In/Be Out (CiBo) systems, which the VDV still refused at the time.

ATRON presents the very successful on-board computer AFR 4 for the first time at InnoTrans in Berlin.


2010 - 2020

ATRON background systems run for the first time in a cloud infrastructure (AHS) provided by ATRON.

ATRON develops Android apps (mobile ticket sales and mobile ticket validation) for transport companies.

The management is expanded to include Barbara Brunner. Previously, she successfully headed ATRON software development.

ATRON implements the future standard for IP based communication with IBIS-IP and presents for the first time a web-based (mobile) control center with ATCS RX

Admission as a member of the international ITxPT standard.

ATRON and the Swedish company Infospread AB start a cooperation in the field of ticketing with mobile phones.

The AFR 4 extends the application by connecting the FMS interface and becomes a data and communication base in the vehicles of the transport companies.